Becky Scoggins

I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. That means southern food is as common in my family as feathers on a chicken. Growing up, I danced competitively so weight was never an issue, but as I took my school studies more seriously, I gave it up to pursue academia. I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t consider the effects on my health. After high school I got married…and promptly got ‘fat and happy.’

As the years went on, weight was easy to gain and hard to lose. During pregnancy with my son, I became diabetic and very sick. My self-confidence plummeted and I started struggling with body image. I wasn’t happy in my own skin, and the world around me suffered for it. Finally, in 2014, I decided enough was enough. My yo-yo dieting just wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and I stopped making excuses for myself. This time, I vowed, I was staying on the wagon.

Through hard work, dedication, healthy food choices and lifestyle changes (and lots of support), I have lost and kept off over 50 pounds. I am now a CrossFitter, competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and group fitness instructor.

scoggins_yoga_ttphoto007-bwSo what’s my philosophy on health and wellness? First and foremost, if you’re looking to lose weight, gain confidence, eat better or change your life, I’ve been right where you are. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s not a fad or a temporary way to get weight off fast. My programs enable you to evaluate, and as a result, change your behaviors, but more importantly, they provide a strong community of support and accountability. Whether you need health coaching on ways to improve sleep, manage stress or eat better, or personal training or group fitness to increase cardiovascular health and muscular endurance or strength, I can provide a network of support for you. You aren’t in this journey alone; I’m a strong believer in women empowering other women.

My services include:

  • Personal Training – one-on-one or couples (friends or spouses)
  • Women’s Only Group Fitness – non-intimidating group fitness classes
  • Innovative Yoga Classes – cardio, plyometrics, tribal dance and yoga all combined into a power yoga class called Buti Yoga®, as well as traditional yoga styles for well-rounded mobility and fitness
  • Health Coaching – helping you make better choices to improve sleep, manage stress or plan meals for a more balanced diet
  • Networking – meet other women with similar goals in an empowering environment where no one competes with each other, but builds each other up and encourages one another to reach their potential

My transformation through health and fitness is like many others. But to me, it gave me my life back. What would it feel like for you to take back yours?

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I hope you’ll make the choice to B fit, B strong, and B courageous.

Join the squad. Who run the world? GIRLS!



Founder, The B Squad™