Greetings! My name is Becky Scoggins. I live in Greensboro, and am the proud mom of a 16-year old homeschooler. The year 2020 was a challenging year for the education system, and boy was I hesitant to pull my sophomore teen out of public school. I’m so glad I did, however, and I hope your children have thrived as much as my son has this last school year.

As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga instructor and fitness nutrition specialist, I soon encountered the problem of finding physical activities for my son to do that specifically targeted strength and conditioning that would also serve to count as a credit on his transcript. Sure, we have homeschool sports leagues, but they can have demanding schedules, and not every student enjoys organized sports. What about learning how to lift weights, how to exercise to improve performance in sports, and mobility for our kids who spend a lot of time sitting down for instruction time? If public schools offer physical fitness courses for credit, why not have a similar course for homeschoolers? After realizing the unique situation, and my access to state-of-the-art facilities as a personal trainer, I hatched a plan!

I am delighted to offer a special course for both secular and religion-based homeschoolers, applicable for homeschool credit, called Strength and Conditioning for the Young Athlete. This year-long course, which runs from September through May, is designed to introduce emerging or current high school homeschoolers to physical fitness, beginning with conditioning and physical fitness basics, and progressing to weight resistance training and agility/performance training. The course would be an excellent fit for students interested in being more physically active while joining a group of other like-minded homeschoolers in a fun group setting. I can attest that my son, originally hesitant to learn about weight lifting, is now eating more nutritious meals, working out a few times a week, and getting stronger by the day. There will be drills, performance expectations, and coursework that will be regularly graded and presented to parents for use in their homeschool records. Unlike some physical education courses, this course runs twice per week, instead of just one!

Another benefit of regular exercise is increased focus during school, better sleep and routine adherence, and a healthier self-image! This program will also be a wonderful socialization opportunity! We will be mindful of social distancing, as well as wearing masks, for as long as the state mandate requires. This will be discussed in more detail at a preliminary virtual orientation once enrolled.

About the facility:

Classes will be held at Strength & Body, located at 4647 W. Market Street in Greensboro. This 36,000 square foot facility boasts a meal prep and juice bar café, supplement shop, multi-purpose room, yoga and spin class space, pristine locker rooms, sauna, kickboxing area, a huge turf training area, and world-class equipment that is literally not found anywhere else in town. There will be no membership fee for student athletes enrolled in the course. However, I highly encourage parents to join (memberships cost less than a cup of coffee a day); you can spend an hour to yourself getting in a great workout while your child is attending class! Childcare is available for parents with younger children as well. What better way to lead by example than to prioritize your own health and fitness?

Program dates/times:

Semester 1 – September 6th through December 15th, 2021

Semester 2 – January 3rd through May 25th, 2022

6-8th grades: Mondays and Wednesdays 1-2pm

9-12th grades: Mondays and Wednesdays 2-3pm

Course fee:

Individual student: $30/week

Multiple students: $20/week per student

Payments are automatically drafted on the first of each month via Square, a safe and secure payment platform.

Below is a registration form that will serve to hold a spot for your child/children. An email will be sent out this summer that will detail the syllabus and course expectations, as well as to collect additional information and finalize your course enrollment! There are a limited number of spots available in each group, so please reserve your spot before the class fills up! I will make an announcement on this page for a waitlist when the sessions are full. I look forward to helping your child work towards a healthier lifestyle!


  • Please complete the following for your student athlete. If you are registering more than one child, please register them separately! When you have submitted this form, an email will be sent to you with additional information to complete your registration!