Saturday, January 4th, 2020


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At some point, you decided enough was enough and set goals to get in better shape, eat more nutritious foods, and lose weight for good. At first, you had success…but now your weight has stalled and you just know you’re doing everything right! Right?

Maybe you haven’t begun your journey to better health because you’ve been down this road before…or it’s a road you’ve never ventured down because it’s just ‘too hard’.

Whether you’re stuck at the beginning or stuck in the middle, somewhere along the way your plan derailed. Sometimes it’s hard to see where improvements can be made to your weight loss strategies through the haze of frustration. That’s why I’ve put together an informative, FREE workshop explaining common derailments and myths to weight loss, with specific, easy-to-implement strategies to get your weight loss moving in the right direction again or for the first time.

My name is Becky Scoggins, founder of The B Squad Fitness™, and certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga instructor, CPR/first aid instructor, and fitness nutrition specialist. More importantly, I used to be in your shoes, which gives me the best vantage point to help you ditch the excuses and come up with proven strategies for your weight loss. I’m excited to bring you an educational look at topics including:

  • Common behaviors that lead to weight gain
  • Deceptive marketing tactics in the food industry
  • Ingredients and how to read food labels
  • Simple ways to meal prep for your entire family
  • Products and brands that are healthy and delicious!
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal strategies to measure your success
  • A thorough Q&A where you can ask specific questions related to your lifestyle

Set a New Year’s resolution you can stick to for the rest of your life; instead of making plans, start taking action TODAY.

See you at the workshop!

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