Why create a women’s only fitness program?

Well, why not?


After all, we go to the bathroom in groups, we loiter in the kitchen together at house parties, and we meet up for lunch on the regular. While these are gross generalizations, the fact remains that many women simply prefer to exercise with other like-minded ladies.

More importantly, creating a safe and nurturing environment is critical in providing opportunities for women to push themselves physically and mentally, without fear of judgement or condemnation. Creating a women’s only fitness program isn’t about alienating men; on the contrary, it is simply designed to foster a creative outlet for women to discover their potential.

In a women’s only fitness class, you can expect to see various levels of physical ability, body types and compositions. You’ll come from different backgrounds and have different belief systems. But when you’re in a group class, the only focus will be on unleashing your physical power and encouraging those around you to do the same. At the end of each class, we slap the floor to mark another workout beasted, and then you’re free to network and exchange stories, struggles, recipes and anything else.

On a semi-regular basis, casual and informal socials will be planned to go over nutrition, behavior modification and other topics that will help you progress in your health journey. These are important parts of an overall fitness regimen! You’re encourage to attend, and there’s never a cost to these socials.

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